Monday, May 19, 2008


I am without my wedding ring for the first time ever for an extended period of time. I have been trying to heal an ant bite underneath the ring for 3 weeks and it just wasn't working. Not getting enough air, I assume, as my ring is a wide ring. I couldn't get the ring off because I've developed arthritis in my finger and my knuckle swells. Not that I didn't try! Soap, lotion, vaseline, cussing...nothing worked. I finally decided Saturday that I would try once more so I soaked my hand in cold water and tried it. Still not moving. So, to the internet I go to see what I can find out there. First good suggestion I found was using Windex. There is apparently something in Windex that will make it slide off. So I go looking for my Windex....I know I had at least 1/3 bottle a few weeks ago. Can't find it anywhere. Back to the internet....there was a suggestion about using dental floss and wrapping your finger with it, then working the ring off. Actually, this cuts the circulation off to your finger allowing the finger to apparently shrink. Didn't try that...I need that finger to work again after I get the ring off. Scrolling on down, a suggestion to use.....Preparation H! My first thought was, of course, eeewwww! I didn't really even want to admit I HAD that in my house. And how was that any different from Vaseline? Oh, shrinks the swelling! I'm off and running to the bathroom cabinet now and slathering that stuff on my finger. The ring was actually moving up. I got it right on top of the knuckle and it stuck! Now I'm thinking I'm really in a pickle because it wasn't going up OR back down and I could just see them trying to cut that ring off and telling me I would after all lose that finger! Panic time! The thought occurred to me that I actually had gotten past the worst part of the knuckle, so I just kept twisting. Another 30 seconds or so and the ring slid off. Thankful prayers to God were the order of the next 5 minutes or so. And the healing has begun! Now......they say that stuff works really good for the bags under your eyes.....Naw! Not on my face, I'm not!

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Atomic Web Kat said...

Oh my! It's always a very scary feeling when you can't get a ring off, I know I panic! I'll have to remember the "cure!"

Glad you're home too VBG