Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have 6 sisters, all younger than me. When Mom passed away 2 years ago, Sister Deb came up with something called Sister Day to replace Mother's Day. Each sister gets their own day in a specified month. Names and dates are drawn and whoever's name each sister gets is their Secret Sister and that sister then sends a gift to her designated sister to arrive on or before that date. No one knows when the dates are or who has which sister's name. One of the established rules is that we put the date of the Sister Day on the outside of the package and if that package arrives before the designated date, the package can't be opened until the exact day. So, I know you're confused by now, but bear with me. Sister Deb has a slight "mean streak" in her nature (one of my uncles told me years ago that this "mean streak" is a trait of the Johnston family, my mother's side) and she thought it would be fun to make us suffer if we got ours early and had to wait to open it. So, the point is......I received my Sister Day gift today and can't open it until tomorrow! It's sitting here on my desk and I swear I hear it calling to me, "open me, open me". But, alas, I can't. I'm sworn to sticking by the rules. Or so they are trying to tell me. Sister Billie is my Secret Sister and she is a big stickler for the rules, too. Sister Deb is, of course, laughing her head off (and that's a quote from her) because...well...there's that mean streak, you know. So, I will be good and wait until tomorrow. Think I'll take it home with me tonight and set my alarm to 12:01am and open it, and then call all 6 sisters at 12:15. Hey, it says in the rules that when you open it you are supposed to let all the other sisters know what you got and who it was from. One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingies.....

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