Wednesday, July 30, 2008

T.P. Blues and More

Some famous celebrity activist do-do recently stated that we should start using 1 sheet of toilet paper in the bathroom. We laugh, chortle, guffaw.....but apparently someone or more than one someone in our office believes in that idea. Oh, not for them; for the next person who uses the bathroom after them. I can't count the times when I have gone to the bathroom only to find approximately one sheet left on the roll. So, the dilemma is - use the tiny bit left trying not to get your hand any wetter than you absolutely have to - and you WILL get it wet - OR get up and drip your way over to the drawer that holds the supply and then drip your way back over to the commode to use it. I wonder if that person actually pre-meditates this - making sure they get their share, but leaving that tiny bit on the roll. Well, you know darned well they do. It takes so much energy and time to change the roll that, well, you know, they just don't have time in their busy lives to do it. AND if they don't know there is an extra supply in the drawer, they are apparently too busy to tell someone in the office that the bathroom needs paper. Pass the buck! Let the next person handle it.
So, this morning, not only was this the case, BUT the paper towel roll was empty. Still sitting on the towel holder - are you ready for this? - with a new roll of paper towels sitting right next to it! Someone HAD to use the last paper towel on the roll and see that new roll sitting there. Change it out? Nope, too busy probably.
All of this is inconsiderate and lazy as far as I'm concerned. And, it's not just at the office. Same way at my house. My husband has gotten better at the toilet paper problem - at least he now sets a new roll on the counter right above the holder so the next time I come in I can see that there is no paper on the holder and take care of it. Reminds me of an episode of Mad About You where Helen Hunt walks into the living room where Paul Reiser is sitting, asks him for his full attention, then shows him the toilet paper roll and holder bar in her hand - puts the toilet paper on the bar - then asks him "what part of this don't you understand?". I fell out of my chair laughing.
We also have the paper towel problem at home. They know where the extra ones are, but apparently the door to the pantry is too hard to open or something. They never seem to be able to.
So, at least I know the problem is taken care of for today. Come to think of it, tho, I think Helen Hunt had a good idea. Gotta go - need to call a meeting of everyone in the office.........

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